Welcome to roflsaurus Lyrics DESTROYER The River Lyrics, singer by DESTROYER

She despises the direction this city’s been going in
She rises above it all, cause, after all
Someone’s gotta go free and someone’s gotta fall to the rhythm

Escape from New York, escape from L.A
Take it from me, leave London
You study your Braille, you listen to the hail outside
A comedy of souls, a plot thick with holes
In a windowless room on the outskirts of town overlooking the river

You’re living, you’re breathing
You’re living, you’re breathing
You try to believe what you don’t believe
You wanted to go, you’ll never leave

Lily-covered livers
The rich man shivers for reasons unknown in the wind
I’m over before I begin, he says
I’m over before I begin to go, he says



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